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Blue Lagoon Grotto

After walking along a path knowing several speleothems, one can see the famous lake with intensely blue waters and more than 80 m deep. Because of its beauty and fragility, the area of ​​the cave was transformed into a Natural Monument, guaranteeing its preservation.

  • Duration: Half Term
  • Distance: 20 km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, closed shoes or paper.

Caves of São Miguel

The Great Cave shows an immense amount of speleothems, very ancient calcareous formations, and in a variety of impressive shapes.
Their tracks bring new sighs with every step. At the time of the tour, the visitor will know stalactites, stalagmites, travertines, corals and pearls, and the possibility of seeing the owl.

Unlike other caves in the region, the São Miguel Caves are dry natural cavities whose evolution process has been closed for a long time, which is another attraction, because the visitor will find in this tour images that only this cave can show .

  • Duration: Half Term
  • Distance: 17 km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, repellent, closed shoes or paper.