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Abyss Anhumas

The 72 meter rappelling through a crack in the rock leads to a cave with magnificent formations and a lake of crystalline waters, where the float reveals the underwater beauty of the place. For abseiling there is compulsory training before descent, and for scuba diving, a credential is required.

  • Duration: Half Term
  • Distance: 23 km
  • What to bring: light clothing

Arvorismo Cabanas

Cabanas Arvorismo Hotel Cabanas consists of a course of 300 meters with a height varying from 4.0 to 15.0 meters from the ground. In all there are 20 different stations with two zip lines, the last one being an aquatic zipline in Rio Formoso. Before the start of the tour there will be a brief training to familiarize the customer with the equipment and the course.
The ride is suitable for children from 6 years and adults who have good physical condition and maximum weight of 120kg.

  • Duration: 1h30m
  • Distance from city center: 06 Km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, shorts or pants, sneakers, bathing suit, towel, repellent.

Cross buoy

Start with a short walk on a suspended trail to the boarding area where the visitor will descend for about 1000 meters of Rio Formoso in individual buoys, in a course of 40 minutes of water, enjoying the thrill of facing three waterfalls and two rapids Along the tour, in addition to feeling the adventure of the falls, the visitor will have the opportunity to contemplate the beautiful Formoso river with hundreds of fish and an incredible underwater flora. The return will be done by hiking through tracks suspended in the ciliary forest where the visitor can observe wild animals. At the end of the tour the visitor will also have the opportunity to bathe in the Formoso and Formosinho rivers and also make the full 1,200 meter trail along the ciliary forest.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Distance from city center: 06 Km
  • What to bring: Bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.

Boat in Rio Formoso

7 km route in inflatable rubber boats, passing through three waterfalls and two rapids, during the route you will see species of birds and animals of the region. With no age limits, the fun is a trademark of this tour. At the end of this route, landing at Padre Island.

The Majestic, Rio Formoso, divides into two arms, forming among them an island, called Padre Island, with several pools for bath, snack bar, restaurant, volleyball court and sand football and a remarkable presence of animals such as Red Macaw, it is one of the main tourist attractions of Bonito.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Distance from city center: 12 km
  • What to bring: Bathing suits, towels, sunscreen, slippers and what else is necessary to enjoy the resort.

Mysterious Lagoon

A lagoon of blue water that impresses by its incredible transparency and depth, the Mysterious Lagoon is at the bottom of a dolphin of 75 meters of depth, type of geological formation characteristic of karst areas that is similar to a hole, which is all covered by arboreal vegetation and surrounded by woods.

The Scuba Diving tour on the Mysterious Lagoon, includes 3 categories: Baptism, Basic Autonomous and Advanced Autonomous.

The visitors leave the receptive Lagoon and run a small interpretive trail in the middle of a forest that surrounds the dolina. This trail leads to the belvedere, from where it is possible to contemplate all the beauty of the arboreal vegetation that covers the dolina of 75 meters of depth, and to see the Mysterious Lagoon. The access to the lagoon is made by a staircase of 179 steps, comfortable and safe.

  • Duration: 1h40m
  • What to bring: Pants, sneakers, slippers, bathing suit and towel.

Quadricycle Rotating Boiadeira

The ride will be carried out in quadricycles with 150 displacements, disc brake, gas suspension, electric start and rim 10, with this we offer comfort and fun guaranteed.

The route passes through the road boiadeira, which is used by commissives of cattle as a passage to the farms. Steep paths, with rocks and holes, in the middle of the forest and lots of mud on rainy days, guarantee adventure and excitement during the 9km of course, which counts on the follow-up of an experienced monitor. Early training is required.

Safety equipment such as helmet and sanitary napkin are included in the value.

  • Duration: 1h30m
  • What to bring: Pants and sneakers.

Rapel in the Mouth of Oz

A descent full of adrenaline in a vertical wall of 90 meters in height. The rappel bridge is a 34 meter long structure that projects into the abyss, providing a breathtaking view of the Salobra river canyon.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Distance from city center: 60 Km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, sunscreen and repellents.

Bike Trail - Lobo Guará

During the tour you will enjoy both the adventure of cycling a bike for a course of approximately 7.5 km as you get to know the Mirante Trail, with the right to visit the Local Museum and walk along a trail of more than 2,400 meters, having the opportunity to live with the fauna and flora of the region, and contemplate the city of Bonito at a 360º angle.

  • Duration: 1h30m
  • Distance from city center: 06 Km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, shorts or pants, sneakers.

Bike Trail - Rio Sucuri

Located on Fazenda São Geraldo, the bike ride of the Rio Sucuri is approximately 02 hours long in the middle of the closed forest. It is possible to observe animals of the region and at the end of the route there is a stop for a delicious waterfall bath.

  • Distance from city center: 18 Km
  • What to bring: Light clothing, shorts or pants, sneakers, bathing suit, towel, repellent.